Depending on the platform and media outlet, there are plenty of spurious or misinterpreted statistics spouted about print media’s future, especially as different industries continue to lose revenue as years pass. Magazines, newspapers, and advertising

According to Scholastic’s “Kids and Family Reading Report”, nearly 50% of parents say that they read to their children before they were three months old, with 37% of children in this age group being read

If you find your mood improving or time quickly passing by when you’re doing something you love, you’re not imagining it. There’s even scientific proof that hobbies can benefit your mental health —  certain medical

Reading is essential for children of all ages. It helps develop vocabulary, improve communication skills, and promote critical thinking. Even six minutes of reading a day can help improve your child’s reading performance. However, getting

When it comes to studying, there is no one right way to do things. Some people prefer compressing all their studying into one night, while others like to study a little bit each day. Some

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