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There are a lot of popular terms these days referring to people of influence in the book space online.  You have “BookTubers” who use video on YouTube to do it all – from highlighting recent “book hauls” from online or local bookstores to live book club readings and extensive reviews of their latest reads.

There are the “Bookstagram”-ers whose captivating photography of cover art and books placed in beautiful settings have users following in droves on Instagram.  One of the newest groups, the “Booktock”-ers prefer the quick but effective medium of the short video on TikTok to get their views across to millions of collective followers.

But what makes a good, or shall we say “successful”, influencer in the book space?  With so much content out there, and plenty of it leaving much to be desired, users seem to gravitate towards what speaks to them the most and hold on tight.  Successful in terms of a social media influencer is measured in terms of follows, likes, and comments – the more you have, the more influence and social standing you hold.  Grabbing the attention of the user takes good imagery, impactful statements often with witty or emotionally charged tones, and repetition.

All things considered, our team combined our own thoughts with what we hear around the proverbial “water cooler” and put together this list of influences that we feel are doing it well.

@foldedpagesdistillery – Instagram

Turning book cover features into pieces of her own art, the account owner (all we know is that she’s a wife, mother, journalist, and dog-lover) creates beautifully staged photos that display each book against a perfect backdrop.

@peruseproject – Instagram & YouTube

We’ve been a huge fan of Regan’s for a while now, with her informative and thoughtful YouTube videos and beautifully shot Instagram photography.  You can tell that Regan is a true lover of books and includes her smiling face in most of her media.

@emmmabooks – Instagram & YouTube

Eccentric and eclectic, Emma (not to confuse you with the 3 m’s in her handles) mixes her bookish finds and favorites in with her daily life and adventures.  Her content has a unique and honest feel, which has us loving this mental health counselor from Long Island.

@yaallegiance – Instagram & TikTok

A girl after our own hearts – coffee and book-obsessed like the rest of us!  Danielle specifically has a passion for young adult fiction, and her passion runs deep.  Her extensive home library, which is both colorful and impressive, plays a backdrop to many of her posts.  Her large following on TikTok proves how the community is growing on this newer social channel. Her fiery red hair matches the bookish flame in her soul and we love it!

@caitsbooks – Instagram & TikTok

There must be something in the water off Long Island!  The second influencer on our list from this area, Cait, incorporates a number of platforms into what seems to be a very well-oiled brand machine.  Cait’s influence as reflected through her opinions on literature, memes, and book hauls entertains her followers whereas her book club, @bookingtonbookclub, provides them with a sense of community.  Book club members can participate in live discussions on other platforms such as Discord and Twitch concerning the club’s book picks.

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